Our Ethos - Terra Firma

This is our home and we are passionate about where we live. That’s why we’ve adopted a responsible tourism approach, allowing you time to connect with nature and enjoy the environment in a sustainable fashion. Instead of rushing around with a “tick list” and a camera, we want you to linger longer and enjoy a living landscape.

Keeping our tours local, helps keep local traditions and cultures alive and provides the authenticity missing from many long distance tours. We can promise that you will enjoy a better cultural experience with a “slow tourism” approach.

Our will always be small to ensure your experience is personal and kind to the environment.

On full day tours, where lunches are not included, we kindly ask our clients to purchase a lunch locally to support sustainable business in the area and not to bring a prepacked lunch.*

We follow the principles of Leave No Trace on all our tours.

*excluding wilderness hikes where lunch purchase is not possible